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Venture Builder For Founders And Companies

Cinque Monti Ltd. is an European organisation building and growing venture backed startups on an international level. 

Focusing On The Right
Things Can Change The Game.

We work hands-on with founders and CEOs to improve their odds in order to successfully grow a business.

We Get You Started 

Our team will get you set up with everything you need to turn your idea into a business. We offer full wrap around support to validate your idea and develop strategies that hold up to venture capital standards. Through our networks we enable fast access to what your business needs to grow fast as well as helping you to produce your first MVP.    

Methodological Approach

We love data. To save yours and our time we rely on methodological approaches to quickly filter, verify and break down things. With industry known standards as „Design Thinking“, „Lateral Thinking“ and „Agile Development“ we ensure that our projects get executed logically and reliable. Always implementing them as core tools in our ventures has probably saved us years of unnecessary trial and error journeys.  

As startup founders all odds are stacked against you. Knowing what really matters is the unfair advantage that saves you valuable lifetime. And lifetime is the real limited good for us.
We know exactly what to prepare and what to put to the test in order to get traction. This helps a lot to not get lost within the multitude of duties awaiting a startup founder. From ideation, legal advice, prototyping to getting your documents right to pitch in front of investors: We will have you covered. 

Fabio Chiaramonte

Director, Cinque Monti

Taking Things From
Fiction To Function.

We are looking for passionate founders and corporates that want to change the world to a better place. Ecological and social impact is one of our core missions. We believe in the power of positivity and the power of technology to shape a better future.

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