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Venture Builder For Founders And Companies

Cinque Monti Ltd. is a European venture builder helping corporates, innovation labs and startups to filter, identify and launch new projects not only as consulting agency but also as a hands-on cofounder throughout the entire journey.


For Companies and Investors:

We are delighted to support your due diligence process, innovation lab or corporate venture building.

For StartUps

Please submit your pitch deck and supporting material to our deal flow platform. We will get back to you asap.

Focusing On The Right
Things Can Change The Game.

We work hands-on with founders and CEOs to improve their odds in order to successfully grow a business.

We Get You Started 

Our team will get you set up with everything you need to turn your idea into a business. We offer full wrap around support to validate your idea and develop strategies and business plans that hold up to venture capital standards. We consider us a 360° partner helping you not only with advice but also guiding you through the entire journey as a co-founder that helps out on any task if needed. Through our network we enable fast access to what your business needs to grow fast as well as helping you to produce your first MVP.    

Our Ventures


We deal with the following industries: Tech & SaaS, Real Estate, Blockchain, Fintech,  AI/ML, BI, Web Platform and APPs, Resources, Renewables, Infrastructure, E-commerce, Fitness, Game, VR/AR/XR, Healthcare, and Medical. We are excited to learn about your industry!

GymCraft has gamified the fitness industry. By turning workout into fun GymCraft helps users to stay motivated and live a healthy lifestyle without noticing it. By using real fitness equipment as input for their games and platform GymCraft is leading the way into a gamified future and new healthy social habits.

FeData is augmenting the decision making process by leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and helps coroprates breaking data silos and work with advanced data analysis, predictive analysis and automation.   

Koernerstone is a IoT micro service hub for the future of e-Mobility. As the business model of traditional fuel stations and their provided services will be transformed with the rise of new mobility concepts, Kornerstone offers a decentralised service framework for the future. 

Flexlemon gamifies outdoor sports by letting users participate in competitions or rewarding events using their smart watches as well as sharing their accomplishments with the world. 

Covid-Vending is a provider of unmanned point of sales machines for COVID19 rapid tests and personal security equipment to support the fight against the pandemic.

Our Playbook and Services

To keep it easy for you we do not extensively try to educate you on the new „hip“ methodologies, we will just use them for you to be fast and effective. 

Phase 1: Analysis & Testing
1. We listen. First we need to understand you!
2. We research and propose ideas.
     (Including financial models and business plans)
3. We validate the Ideas with prototyping. 
4. Iterate and Elaborate. 
     (Content creation)

Phase 2: Production
1. MVP Project Definition
2. Roadmapping
3. MVP Production and Development
4. Deployment and Testing

Phase 3: Launch
1. Product Launch Strategy 
2. Marketing Management
3. Product Analytics
4. Reporting


Methodological Approach

We love data. To save yours and our time we rely on methodological approaches to quickly filter, verify and break down things. With industry known standards as „Design Thinking“ / „Lateral Thinking“ we evaluate your project and use „Agile Development“ to implement and kick off your development. We ensure that your projects gets executed logically and reliable. Always implementing methodologies and our experience as fast moving startup founders in our ventures has probably saved us years of unnecessary trial and error journeys.  

As startup founders all odds are stacked against you. Knowing what really matters is the unfair advantage that saves you valuable lifetime. And lifetime is the real limited good for us.
We know exactly what to prepare and what to put to the test in order to get the traction you are looking for. We understand founders who get lost within the  multitude of duties awaiting them on their journey aswell as corporates that need to transform but do not have the flexibility and lightwight as a more radical startup would have. We will have you covered, we will be your co-founder.

Fabio Chiaramonte

Director, Cinque Monti

Taking Things From Fiction To Function.

We are looking for passionate founders and corporates that want to change the world to a better place. Ecological and social impact is one of our core missions. We believe in the power of positivity and the power of technology to shape a better future.

For StartUps

Please submit your pitch deck and supporting material to our deal flow platform. We will get back to you asap.

For Companies

Please use write us your inquiry to: or call us: +49 178 888 06 07