What do we do?

We create Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality or even Engineered Systems on demand! It’s nooo Rocket Science to us! But it can help Skyrocket your Business Performance

Superior Consulting

Full virtual experience provided; which implies from design-stage to market, complete 3D modeling, high-end audio and necessary hardware. Realised within time and your available budget

Peace of mind

Your Virtual project is in perfect hands as we are a One Stop Shop: so save time and money, passionate advise & get 24h technical support. From fiction to function we like it taking your worries away!

Fields of application


Experience a highly immersive and responsive virtual walkthrough through your architectural projects, even before it’s build.


Leave your clients in awe with your entire catalogue of Mobility options available at your fingertips. Allow customisation on the spot and make better efficiency calculations.


Blur the line between the idea and the realisation of a new Yacht or ship. Discover and remove potential weakspots even during prototyping, leaving both you and your customers satisfied.


Fully customisable car configurators are at the moment only seen at a manufacturer’s plant. Now any car dealership has the opportunity to provide its own unique customer experience.


Would you like to speed up your customers decision where they would like to travel with your business? Through virtual reality a quick virtual experience into any of your destinations is possible.


Whether at your trade fair booth, during field sales or in your own store showroom, we’ll give you the means of expanding your business and reaching out to clients in a way you have never seen before.


Experiencing the Colosseum of Rome within a museum not in Italy? Virtual Reality Technology enables this, let us advise you how to enhance your cultural experience.


Fully immersive digital content enables students to master content quicker with relentless passion, motivation.

Hardware VirtuaForce uses

We use predominantly German technology
such as CryEngine and Carl Zeiss Cinemizer.
Furthermore is our hardware assortment
complemented with various other reputed brands.

Technical Partner

How could your organisation take advantage of Virtual-Reality?

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